Atletico Madrid’s Diego Simeone speaks out on Joao Felix issues

In a recent revelation, Atletico Madrid’s seasoned manager, Diego Simeone, has shed light on the contentious relationship between the club and their on-loan talent, Joao Felix.

Simeone disclosed that some within the club community disapprove of Felix’s attitude, a factor contributing to the Portuguese player’s exclusion from future plans.

Barcelona secured Felix on loan during the summer, following the revelation that his future at Atletico Madrid was non-existent. Simeone, not pleased with Felix’s self-proclaimed affection for Barcelona, openly expressed his contentment with the player’s move, emphasizing that no individual stands above the club.

The strained dynamic between Simeone and Felix traces back to an earlier period when the Portuguese forward was loaned to Chelsea. While at Barcelona, discussions about a permanent deal for Felix have surfaced, primarily entangled with Barcelona’s financial challenges rather than Felix’s on-field performance.

Simeone, displaying a pragmatic approach, has opened the door to various possibilities. He acknowledged that Felix’s continuation at Barcelona could positively impact the team’s finances. On the flip side, if Felix returns, he will have a three-year window to showcase his development.

“Some people at Atletico don’t like Felix’s attitude,” Simeone candidly admitted to El Larguero, underlining the importance of understanding the club’s unique culture. He refrained from attributing Felix’s previous lack of success at Atletico solely to his attitude, recognizing improvements in the player’s activity on and off the ball.

“He’s always been talented, but he struggles to track back and defend,” Simeone explained, offering insights into the tactical challenges faced by the young Portuguese player.

Simeone concluded on an optimistic note, stating, “Whatever good things happen to Joao Felix will be good for us. If he stays at Barcelona, we’ll receive an important income. If he comes back, he has three years to prove what he improved elsewhere.”

Meanwhile, at Barcelona, coach Xavi Hernandez’s initial reservations about Felix have evolved, with the Portuguese forward seamlessly adapting to the team’s dynamics. Sporting director Deco expressed the club’s desire to secure Felix and Joao Cancelo on a permanent basis, provided finances permit.

“There is no doubt that we want to have them [Felix and Joao Cancelo] next season because they are valid for the squad,” stated Deco, revealing Barcelona’s intention for the upcoming season.

While it is still early in the season, the club are actively evaluating the performance of the loaned players, setting the stage for future discussions.