Royal AM CEO Sinky Mnisi takes ‘special leave’ amid step-down rumours

Roya AM CEO Sinki Mnisi

Royal AM CEO Sinky Mnisi says he has not resigned and has taken special leave amid reports that he has stepped down from his role at the club.

Reports in recent weeks have detailed a tense relationship between Mnisi and Royal AM owner Shauwn Mkhize, who alleges that Mnisi took key transfer and coaching decisions without her knowledge, including the release of former head coach John Maduka.
However, Mnisi has slammed the rumours as “factually incorrect” and “malicious”.
“I have taken legal advice not to respond to media statements regarding alleged suspension charges but to wait for the stones to circle and to then comprehensively respond once and for all,” Mnisi said to the media during the press conference.
“Speculation was rife in the media regarding my suspension. These reasons ranged from releasing coach [John] Maduka without the knowledge of Royal AM, while the president of Royal AM [Mam’Mkhize] was overseas, the hiring of coach Khabo Zondo, the sale of Given Mashikinya, the release of [Ndumiso] Mabena, the sale of [Victor] Letsoalo and signing of Marlon Heugh for a longer period instead of one season, as well as leading the team and taking my own decisions.
“For the record, all the allegations made against me are factually incorrect, without substance, and malicious. I had high expectations that the president of Royal AM shall refute and distance herself from these allegations.
“In particular because some publications called her the source of the allegations against me and she appeared on various media platforms where the question of my alleged suspension was directed at her and she did not categorically deny that I was not placed on suspension.
“I’ve decided to take a special leave. I remain CEO of Royal AM Football Club to allow the allegations by the media against me to slow down.
“You want to know whether I’m resigning, no, no! I’ve informed the president, and I’ve sent an email to the club that I’m taking a special leave. Everything negative is attributed to me. When there’s something positive in the team it’s everyone else but Sinky Mnisi.
“I’ve never been suspended. No one has shown a suspension letter, there is no charge sheet. I’m going to relax, I’m taking a special leave. There is nothing to hide, I’ve also received my salary, I’ve been paid.”