PSL NEWS: Mokwena accuses Ramovic of seeking attention

Mamelodi Sundowns head coach Rulani Mokwena responded to Sead Ramovic’s outburst saying he is crying for attention.

Mamelodi Sundowns head coach Rulani Mokwena responded to Sead Ramovic’s outburst saying he is crying for attention.

The reigning DStv Premiership champions Sundowns set a new record last night, having now gone 40 games undefeated under coach Rhulani Mokwena after a comfortable 3-0 win against Durban-based side AmaZulu.

Addressing the media after the game the Masadwana mentor opened up about the accusations made by Sead Ramovic regarding their phone call claiming that Mokwena had insulted and threatened him using strong language.

“You don’t need to hear my side of the story, I don’t think you’d want to hear my side of the story,” he said.

“Let’s leave it as it is, he is right and he is right. Let’s leave him to be right, I’m wrong, I’m the bad guy.”

The two mentors will go head to head when Mamelodi Sundowns face TS Galaxy on Wednesday 6 of March at the Mbombela stadium and Mokwena said if there is something he wants to say to the Serbian tactician, he will pick up his phone and call him.  

“If I have to say something to Sead, again I’ll pick up the phone and I’ll say it on the phone. I do not think that it is for the public, I don’t think.”

“Because we go then into a space we’re not supposed to go. I don’t mind if he comes for me, there are a lot of coaches who have come for me,” he added.

“You see when you start to say ‘the club has spent so much money’, you also borderline disrespecting the Motsepe family, who are people who give so much of their hard-earned money from the family into football and many other [things].

“You saw the other day they’ve given money to scholars for study debts, and then you come and talk like that.

“Sometimes as coaches we have to be careful, very, very careful. Because I sit here and I’ll say things but why should I say things about TS Galaxy? Forget that it’s not even Sead’s club, it’s Tim Sukazi’s club and I’ve got a lot of respect for Tim also. I can’t sit here and talk other things, there’s a lot of things I could tell you.

“Let’s go back to the recording that you got from Soccer Laduma, there was a recording from a meeting and you heard things that were said there. It’s very easy to go into that space but I can’t go into that space, because I have to respect South Africans and people who work very hard like Tim to run a football club and all the things he’s done.

“Sead, you must give him, guys all he’s crying for, I don’t know why you can’t hear the underlying message – it’s underlying – all he’s crying for, he’s won five games in a row, give him attention, give him praise, give it to him.

“The guy is pleading ‘I’ve won five games in a row, no one is talking’, give it to him. Mahlatsi, put him on the headlines, why don’t you do it? He’s won five games, he’s got eight assists from his left-back, he’s told you guys, give him what he wants,” he concluded.

Written by Ayanda Vezi