Spain starlet Lamine Yamal has responded to comments from former German goalkeeper Jens Lehmann, who recently branded Spain’s squad as a “team of kids”.

“We’ve seen the good results [Spain] have had, without doubt, in the group phase,” said Lehmann in an appearance on Welt TV.

“In terms of technique, they might be better than us. But they’re small in terms of height, and they’re inexperienced.

“They’re a team of kids. They have very young players. They don’t have much international experience.”

His remark has not been well received, particularly within the German camp.

“Lehmann does not represent us. He always has a different opinion than others,” said World Cup winner Toni Kroos.

“They have shown that they have players with experience: [Alvaro] Morata, Rodri, Nacho, [Dani] Carvajal.

“It’s not true what he says, we expect a very top Spain team. They play very well, but so do we. I am looking forward to a beautiful game.”

Lehmann’s comment came ahead of the much-anticipated contest, which is set to take place on Friday. Spain’s squad, indeed youthful, includes seven players under the age of 25.

Among them is the 16-year-old Barcelona wonderkid, Lamine Yamal, who has quickly become a key player for the national team.

Spain’s manager and players have shown great confidence despite their youth, with Yamal leading the charge in defending his team.

“Well, we’ve already said that all these things help us to come out more motivated. In the end, what is he going to say?” Lamal said when responding to Lehmann’s comment.

“He is German, he is going to want to help his national team but, well, it will be seen on the pitch that we will show whether we are small and inexperienced.”

The Spanish side have been in exceptional form, making their encounter with Germany a heavyweight clash that many have described as a fitting final.

Both teams have delivered impressive performances throughout the tournament, setting the stage for an exciting and highly competitive match.

As the quarter-final looms, only one team will advance to the semi-finals to face either France or Portugal.

The stakes are high, and the pressure is on for both sides to prove their worth and move one step closer to lifting the trophy.