Kylian Mbappe’s future uncertain as Liverpool join race for French star

In a pivotal turn of events, Kylian Mbappe is now free to shape his football destiny.

His contract with Paris Saint-Germain FC expires on June 30, and from today onward, he holds the power to negotiate with any club. While Real Madrid and PSG initially seemed the frontrunners for Mbappe’s future, a surprising contender has emerged.

Liverpool have entered the fray, expressing keen interest in securing the French striker. Reports from both England and France, notably Le Parisien, position Liverpool as a credible candidate alongside Real Madrid to become Mbappe’s new team.

The possibility of him extending his stay with PSG has not been ruled out, adding an air of uncertainty to the decision-making process, according to the French media outlet.

The prospect of Mbappe donning Liverpool’s jersey is not new. Jurgen Klopp had sought to bring him on board during his time with Monaco, and even before the Frenchman’s last contract extension with PSG.

In a noteworthy twist, this past summer witnessed discussions of a potential loan to the English club until the season’s end when Mbappe found himself at odds with the French club’s leadership. This alternative was considered preferable to selling him to Real Madrid.

While Real Madrid remain eager to acquire the French talent, they are not prepared to wait indefinitely. Intent on securing Mbappe, they aim to finalize a deal this January. However, the player appears to be in contemplation, with no firm decision made about his future.

This indecision could potentially sway him away from Real Madrid and closer to Liverpool or a renewed contract with PSG. The football world now watches with bated breath as the saga of Kylian Mbappe’s next move unfolds.