Kaizer Chiefs will play next home match behind closed doors for fan misbehaviour

Kaizer Chiefs have been given a hefty punishment for fan misbehaviour over the course of three matches this season.

The PSL Prosecutor Zolo Majavu confirmed it was for pelting “missiles and various projectiles directed at their technical team” on three occasions in the space of two months.

The punishment is that Chiefs will have to play next Wednesday’s clash with Cape Town Spurs at their home ground FNB Stadium behind closed doors, while there is also a suspended R300 000 imposed on them.

“I can confirm that earlier this morning Kaizer Chiefs Football Club appeared before the PSL TC to answer to further charges of misconduct relating to spectator misbehavior as a result of the tilting of missiles and various projectiles directed at their technical team in an attempt to voice their displeasure about the results,” said Majavu in the statement.

“They were served with a charge sheet, and they appeared before the DC where in they pleaded guilty and they were subsequently found guilty as charged.

“With regards to sanctions, it must be borne in mind that a few weeks ago, they were found guilty by the PSL DC on similar charges and an amount of 50,000 Rand was suspended and there was a further automatic lockout in respect of the next home game, which was also suspended for a period of six months.

“Unfortunately, before the expiry of the period of suspension, they reoffended again in a fixture of the 21st of October 2023 [vs AmaZulu].

“In the result, and having listened to all submissions from the prosecutor as well as their representatives, the PSL DC issued to the following fresh order: One: the R50,000 that was suspended is now effective immediately. Two: the lockout that was suspended is now brought into operation and it will be with reference to the next match penciled in for the 8th of November 2023.

“With regard to the current transgression, they were fined a monetary fine of 300,000 Rands, which is wholly suspended for another period of six months on condition that should in the period of suspension, they are not found guilty of the same offense again.

“They were also ordered to play their next home game at a neutral venue should they reoffend and be found guilty during the period of suspension. They were subsequently directed to carry the cost of today’s seating.

“So in summary, the match scheduled to be played on the 8th of November 2023 will be played as a lockout, meaning that there will be no fans or spectators at all at that venue. They were ordered to pay R50,000 which was previously suspended and for the current transgression R300,000, wholly suspended for six months.

“Plus, there is a furtherr fixture to be played at a neutral value in the event they were to reoffend again during the period of suspension, plus the cost of today’s hearing,” concluded Majavu.