Kaizer Chiefs in talks with Yusuf Maart over new contract offer

In a strategic move to secure the backbone of their future squad, Kaizer Chiefs are actively pursuing a contract extension for midfielder Yusuf Maart.

Soccer Laduma sources within Naturena reveal that the club are eager to tie Maart down with a new two-year deal, coupled with a one-year option, solidifying his role well beyond his current contract expiration in June 2025.

According to a Soccer Laduma insider, the decision to initiate contract talks well in advance reflect the club’s commitment to building a team around Maart, considering him a linchpin for the future. The source emphasizes Maart’s consistency on the field, highlighting his exceptional performance as a driving force behind the decision.

“The club wants to keep him for a longer period. You know they are building the future team around him. He has been one of the consistent players, and that’s why they are already offering him a new deal even a year before his current deal comes to an end,” stated the source.

This move is not merely about retaining a talented player; it signifies Kaizer Chiefs’ vision of Maart as their future captain. The second Soccer Laduma source discloses that the club have proposed a two-year contract with an additional one-year option, projecting Maart’s potential stay until June 2028. The offer underscores the immense trust and belief the club have in the midfielder’s abilities.

“The club is looking at Yusuf (Maart) as the future captain, and that’s why they are offering him a new contract. They have offered him a two-year deal with a one-year option deal at the moment. Meaning he could still be at the club until June 2028. That’s just showing how much they trust the player and the belief they have in him,” shared the second Soccer Laduma source.

The ongoing negotiations, as per the insider, are progressing smoothly, indicating a positive outcome soon. The overall sentiment within the club are one of satisfaction with Maart’s performance and the progress he has exhibited.

“Actually, the talks between his representatives have started. The club has made sure it secures the future of the midfielder while there is still time to do so. So, for now, the offer is on the table, and I think soon I will tell you how everything is going,” the source concluded.

Despite attempts to seek comments from Chiefs, the club remains tight-lipped on the matter. Nevertheless, the behind-the-scenes efforts signify Kaizer Chiefs’ strategic planning to shape a formidable team with Maart at its core.