Bruno Fernandes is expected to stay at Manchester United after positive talks over future with the club

Manchester United and Bruno Fernandes met last week to discuss his future, with the club making it very clear they want him to stay and the midfielder expressing a desire to remain with the Red Devils.

Fernandes and his representatives joined United’s leadership team members at the club’s famous Carrington training ground for an extensive conversation where it was front and centre that the INEOS-led regime intends to continue building around its 29-year-old captain.

The Portuguese made it known that he was seeking clarity on United’s direction and if their ambitions met his. This season is probably United’s worst season in the last decade, but Bruno has managed to show glimpses of the player he can be for the club which makes total sense as to why they want to build around him going forward. The quality of Fernandes is undeniable and with the new owners and talk about change, we could still see the best of the Portuguese.

Fernandes will want to see evidence that this can be achieved and if he is unsatisfied or a massive offer arrives, his exit and decision to move on cannot be ruled out.

However, it comes across that all parties came away from the talks in positive spirits feeling that his questions were answered, and the strong expectation is that he will not be leaving.

In a recent interview on DAZN Portugal, United’s captain said that consideration would be given to departing the Premier League side after this summer’s European Championship in Germany early next month which brought uncertainty around his future with the club.

Reports have also come out suggesting United will listen to offers for most of their players and he was not among those claimed to be untouchable, further proving that he is the man to lead Manchester United.

After positive feedback, Fernandes and United sought confidence that what they each wish can be achieved.

United representatives Sir Dave Brailsford, Jason Wilcox, and Matt Hargreaves attended the meeting, while Fernandes was accompanied by his.

The club was bold and assertive in underlining the importance of Fernandes and his commitment was reiterated, subject to United delivering the shared vision and rebuilding of one the biggest if not the biggest club in the world.

Bruno Fernandes was signed from Sporting Lisbon in January 2020 and his contract runs until June 2026, plus an option to extend by 12 months.

Written by Marc Strydom