Barcelona are making strides to persuade Xavi Hernandez to extend his tenure as head coach, despite earlier intentions to step down at the end of the season.

After clinching the La Liga title in the previous season, the club faced challenges stemming from financial constraints. These hurdles seemed to affect the team’s performance, resulting in a lacklustre start to the current La Liga campaign.

Xavi’s decision to resign at the season’s end sparked debate among fans and pundits alike, especially considering the team’s string of defeats in December and January. However, Barcelona’s fortunes took a turn for the better since then, with an impressive unbeaten streak across various competitions.

Despite conceding nine goals in two games at one point, Barcelona rallied and went undefeated in 11 consecutive matches, showcasing resilience and tactical prowess under Xavi’s guidance. Notably, they outperformed rivals Real Madrid in their recent league fixtures, securing a second-place position in the La Liga standings.

In addition to their domestic success, Barcelona’s victory over Napoli in the Champions League last 16 further underscored their potential under Xavi’s leadership. This turnaround has prompted key figures within the club to push for Xavi’s retention as head coach.

According to reports from The Athletic, influential figures like president Joan Laporta and vice-president Rafa Yuste are eager to convince Xavi to stay. The noticeable improvement in team performance, coupled with the desire to maintain managerial stability amidst financial constraints, fuels their efforts.

Despite considerations of alternative managerial options like Thomas Tuchel and Hansi Flick, the club seem inclined to retain Xavi due to the lack of suitable candidates and financial implications associated with managerial changes.

Barcelona are proactively addressing the need to streamline their expenses ahead of the upcoming season, recognizing the importance of fiscal responsibility amidst their pursuit of sporting success.