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Arthur Zwane: We need to empower our own people

Kaizer Chiefs interim coach Arthur Zwane has called for a local coach to be appointed as the next head coach of the club.

Zwane is currently in his second stint as interim coach since Stuart Baxter was dismissed last month.

He himself is in the running for the permanent post but graciously said that if the job did not go to him that it must go to a South African coach.

"We need to empower our own people," Zwane said during his post-match press conference after the win over . "We have to groom our coaches.

"At Pirates, you can see that coach Fagrie [Davids] and coach Mandla [Ncikazi] are there and with just a little bit of patience there, things will change for the better.

"That's why if we have good coaches who can come and help Kaizer Chiefs, why not? Local coaches understand where these players come from.

"We are dealing with sensitive issues here in this country and a lot of people take that for granted. They don't know where these boys come from.

"I can tell you, we have so many challenges as a nation, let alone just life in general. So, you have to know where these boys come from.

"From my experience with the development structures, you are dealing with players who have issues with their ancestors, and you can take that for granted.

"If you don't have that background and experience you will take that for granted. You will always say, 'No, this boy is a problem…'

"So that is why it is key that we need to understand the culture. I don't have a problem if we get someone from Europe who can adapt and not change the way we want to do things.

"But those people don't have the challenges of ancestors and those things that are happening in their lives like an African boy. There are so many things that are happening behind the scenes.

"Some of the boys you will see are misbehaving, but as soon as they do a ritual at home to pay respect to the elders, things change for the better, and those things we take for granted.

"I'm not saying let's do those things or not do those things, I'm saying let us know where we come from before we can think of competing with the rest of the world. Let us know who we are.

"Let us dig deeper and find out where we come from. Let's know our roots. Those people there know where they come from, and they apply everything correctly.

"Now we are adopting things that are not ours? We are based in South Africa. Before you can think of dominating in Europe, dominate the African continent first.

"But do the things the right way. Remember where you come from. Right now, we can't just have development players who will come to training and you don't know whether he has eaten.

"In the first team, how do you manage them now that they are getting paid. Are they looking after their family members? That’s where you get those blessings.

"Yes, some will pay black tax because you are bound to pay, you are a member of the family that everyone looks up to. There is peer pressure, there are so many things

"That is why it is key that we have coaches who understand where these boys come from."

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