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Tottenham vs Chelsea Preview

Romelu Lukaku

Are Spurs already showing us their true colours? Maybe it is a little early and so possibly rather harsh, but the trust and excitement building around a Tottenham side who are not without their internal issues was always going to end in tears.

Chelsea have now proven themselves when everything is going their way and when nothing goes their way and even when supposed ‘lesser’ sides make them work for it. The fact that you could still get around 26/10 on Chelsea to win the league isn’t a price that shoots the lights out but it’s value one shouldn’t simply pass up!

But I digress, another blockbuster weekend awaits and on Sunday the curtain will come down on the action with a massive final act. It’s a London derby, its Tottenham hosting Chelsea!

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English Premier League
Sunday 19 September
Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

To Win
Tottenham 7/2
Draw 26/10
Chelsea 15/20


Just as we all started believing in Tottenham, relying on Tottenham and to an extent trusting Tottenham, they returned to being just good old Spurs. Their 3-0 loss to Patrick Vieira’s Palace was less emphatic as it was sad.

Harry Kane doesn’t look like he’s all there and before the cavalry start to attack me, consider this: I’m not suggesting that under Nuno Espirito Santo Spurs play the most attractive and end to end football…but they certainly look like a side well coached and clearly playing to a plan and system.

Their use of width with their fullbacks is admirable and I’ll certainly doff my cap to that. Harry Kane made no secret of his desire to win European silverware and it was well documented that Spurs were constantly in favour of the English talisman delaying his departure from the club.

If only Spurs had a chance to cash in on this and look to replace him under their new manager in the northern hemisphere summer…

It doesn’t get any easier for the North London side though, a derby game against a rival who come into the fixture with a golden form line as well as what seems to be a golden strand which runs through and creates a powerful spine for the team. Of course, Japhet Tanganga’s red card would change the game, and so I wouldn’t read too much into the scoreline. The defensive solidity of Spurs has been apparent in the league this year thus far – keeping clean sheets against City, Wolves and Watford – and whilst I think they will have the credentials to keep it respectable and force Chelsea to work for it, I still can’t see them completely shutting out Thomas Tuchel’s side.

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As a point of departure, Saul Niguez is an incredibly talented player. I will concede that he struggled on debut against Aston Villa – yet another indication of the level and competitiveness evident in the English league – but his quality is still undeniable.

The fact that football fans on social media lamented at his performance and proclaimed that their respective clubs dodged a bullet is somewhat premature if you ask me. What I did enjoy though was a tweet by one fan suggesting that Saul was in desperate need of a ‘road to Damascus’ moment…

Anyway, the importance and value in a solid holding defensive midfielder has been well documented in the modern game. N’Golo Kante has long been the posterchild of such a suggestion, but Thomas Tuchel is blessed with options at Chelsea. Kante, Saul, Jorginho and Kovacic would all stake steady claims for the position in probably most (if not all) clubs in the league.

The value in the traditional ‘holding 6’ not only lies in the screening of your defence to break-up play in the centre of the park, but also having a player who can singlehandedly transition your side from defence to attack. This also increases the pace, effect and ability to build-up play or immediately outlet wide and look to go forward. Yes, I am aware this is an oversimplification of the role and responsibility – but you get the point.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Chelsea Football Club is a complete and dangerous team under Thomas Tuchel. They came away from their fixture with Aston Villa as 3-0 winners and, you wouldn’t be completely exaggerating had you felt it was hard fought. However, Villa attempted 18 shots at Stamford Bridge – only Liverpool have had more attempts at the Bridge in a league game – and yet still their resolute defence, silky transitions and robust attacking talent seemed largely undeterred.

A lot has been said about the importance of keeping players like Lukaku fit, and I couldn’t agree more!  Well, why would you when your striker has a 100% shot to goal conversion rate in the box?

Prediction: Chelsea Win (8/10)
Chelsea at almost even money is incredible value – value that nobody deserves to miss out on! Make sure to tell everyone and anyone that you can – this simply must be part of your multiple and weekend wager. Get the provident fund ready because the confidence is being given early!

This Chelsea side is truly a well-oiled machine, especially in the so-called big games. I truly cannot see where Nuno’s Spurs could hurt this side (even if they look to be nice and neatly compact through the middle as was the case against City). I’m all in on Chelsea here!

Written by Ryan Liberty