Soccer Betting News - SA's Leading Soccer Betting Newspaper: Paris Saint-Germain can finally win the Champions League with Lionel Messi

Paris Saint-Germain can finally win the Champions League with Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi

The Paris based powerhouse has turned its institution into a “superteam,” and the question begs, ‘What will infamous Lionel Messi bring to the already talent infested Paris Saint-Germain?”

After signing a two-year deal with the Parisians on a free transfer the move of the footballing ages has been completed.

Messi has stated in a press conference he wishes to win more UEFA Champions Leagues and feels that Paris’ and the French number one team is the side to do so saying:

"I think this team is already done and ready.

"There are some new transfers, but they have been very close and they are ready.

"I just came here to help - I'll give my best. My goal and my dream is to win this trophy again and I think that Paris is the best place to have a chance to win it again.”

After an extensive football parade through the streets surrounding Le Parc des Prince, with photo opportunities in the numbers, a few training sessions, and that of royalty waving through windows Messi is still to be seen on the football field for his new club despite their opening Ligue 1 win with the footballing “goat’” in attendance.

Everything there is to know about Messi on and off the field is well documented and reiterated time and time again. From childhood clubs and family life to big money deals and six Ballon D’or awards, there is virtually nothing we do not know about the Argentine legend. However, we know Messi at Barcelona, and we know Messi at La Albiceleste, and we have consistently questioned and debated “what if” he moves to a different league and “how will he fare?”

Technical abilities matched with football intuition on the highest level

Messi has due to his technical abilities a lot of advantages when trying to solve small spaces on the pitch. When the press is on, Messi shines in abundance and those fundamentals of control, receiving of the ball, running with the ball, passing and principles of attacking that footballers practice strenuously come to him like breathing air. Besides the technical abilities in this regard, he has combined the ability with consistently being able to read the situations of the game thinking ahead in every play. This combination makes it seem as if Messi is always “in the right place at the right time” showcasing that it all happens to often for this to be random acts of greatness.

Messi will “invite” the opposition to press him before, dribbling away from the situation in a composed manner continuously drawing out defenders and midfielders from their position to create space for his teammates.

This all means that his teammates need to be of a high calibre and have a good communicational collaboration within the team, and we know PSG have the quality of player and have seen the flare that is put on display at the highest level at times.

Leo occupies many spaces across the pitch with a “free roam” mentality and under Luis Enrique he hugged the touchline on many occasions pulling the field of play to one side with exquisite diagonal field passing and finding the likes of Neymar on the opposite side of the field in space just spells disaster for the opposition. Not to mention Kylian Mbappe who interchanges with Neymar on the regular putting future opponents at a confusing disadvantage left to zonal mark facing a different face and style at any given time of the game.

With Lionel’s defensive abilities never really on display PSG have added the best of the best to their ranks and tracking back is not an issue having the like of Sergio Ramos, Presnel Kimpembe and Marquinhos in central defensive roles, and Achraf Hakimi on the right flank with work horses like Georginio Wijnaldum and Marco Verratti occupying the central roles the new number 30 (as it pains me to say) will be at leisure to expend energy on attacking escapades.

Messi has proved himself time and time again, and now with a squad behind him to rival that of Barcelona’s glory days we can expect even greater things.

Lionel Messi has already completed football in my opinion and some will say he would just need to add the FIFA World Cup to his host of honours, but the player himself has set the goal of the Champions League in his sites and believes that PSG are the team to be apart of to do that, and who can deny him?

To sum up Messi in a simple quote by Johan Cruyff, “There is only one moment in which you can arrive in time. If you’re not there, you’re either too early or too late.” And when facing Leo, you’re always late.

Written by Joshua Gaillard