Soccer Betting News - SA's Leading Soccer Betting Newspaper: Mikel Arteta on what will represent a successful Premier League campaign for Arsenal

Mikel Arteta on what will represent a successful Premier League campaign for Arsenal

Mikel Arteta

After picking up the leftovers from his predecessor and winning a FA Cup and Community Shield, the honeymoon phase has passed. Arteta was in hot water last season after going on a torrid 10 game winless streak through October to December which led to no European football for the first time in 26 years and a successive 8th place finish in the English Premier League.

Without fans in the stadium the calls for his head were not as prevalent. Now with the Gunners back in full voice at the Emirates and abroad, the pressure will be felt in person.

Mikel has managed to bring in a few players and plans to bring more before the end of the transfer window, alongside having a full preseason to instil more of his vision and values into the club.

Arteta on the season ahead:

Question: Looking at the season ahead, what will represent a successful campaign for Arsenal in terms of Premier League position?

Answer: Our goal is to get the best version, consistently that’s going to get us closer to winning football matches. That is what I want from the team, and if we do that consistently we will be in a better place. But that is something that we haven’t done, consistently give the best version. That’s something that we must do, and if we are able to do that, the results will be the consequence to that.

Question: So, no particular position in the league in your mind though?

Answer: On Friday, win, against Brentford, and then we’ll be in a strong position in the league. That is what we have to do. And the rest will come.

Question: What would make you happy at the start of the season then in terms of more players in?

Answer: That the team puts in place what we have been working on. That the spirit and the energy that they have been training with that we do it in games and they do it more consistently. Because we’ve had some very good patches against Spurs and Chelsea…

Question: Do you get this is now your time to deliver?

Answer: It is always. I think the demands of this football club are so high, the expectations are so high. Whether they are to the level, quality, and capability we have is a different matter, but obviously that is the only way that is right at this football club. We have to go with that.

Written by Joshua Gaillard