Soccer Betting News - SA's Leading Soccer Betting Newspaper: Mosimane: Local coaches deserve more respect

Mosimane: Local coaches deserve more respect

Mamelodi Sundowns tactician Pitso Mosimane
 Mamelodi Sundowns tactician Pitso Mosimane believes local coaches should be given more time because foreign coaches haven't made a difference.
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Many South African clubs have tended to bring in coaches from overseas in an attempt to turn things around once results went south, but Mosimane reckons those foreign coaches haven't made an impact at all.

"I always like to speak for local coaches, because I believe I'm a local coach, and local coaches have done it and they are doing it," he said.

"Gavin Hunt has shown as a local coach that he can do it. I was very angry when Clinton Larsen was let off the job [at Chippa United]. I mean really what's the difference [at Chippa now]? He hasn't been there and then what? Do you know what I'm trying to say?

"I was not happy when Cavin Johnson was let off his job [at AmaZulu], what has happened? Have you seen any big difference? You can't really say there's been a big difference.

"So I speak for my local coaches because we as South Africans we don't get jobs when we go to Slovakia or Serbia, they don't take us you know. You can't go to Germany, they won't take you. Our guys need to be given enough time, and also those who are here."

Mosimane believes it's a myth that foreign coaches are better than their South African counterparts and he used Kaizer Chiefs as an example to support this view.

"You know how many years they've been here? What have they won? Do you see what I'm trying to say?" he added.

"Steve was let off his job at Kaizer Chiefs, was there any difference last year? He finished third when he was there. Where was Chiefs, where did Chiefs finish last season? So you tell me now, you tell me now okay, there was no difference.

"That's why I talk about local coaches because I'm a local coach. If you give them a chance they can turn things around.

"At this point in time I've won everything in Africa and I'm not bragging. I can always say okay there are people from outside who are here and not making any difference because I can show I've done it."

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