Soccer Betting News - SA's Leading Soccer Betting Newspaper: Tsepho Makgoga: I don’t have an agent & I’ve never had one

Tsepho Makgoga: I don’t have an agent & I’ve never had one

Tshakhuma Tsha Madzivhandila defender Tsepho Makgoga  
Tshakhuma Tsha Madzivhandila have been one of the most improved teams and last season they narrowly missed out on making their Premier Soccer League debut. Tsepho Makgoga is one player who has been with the club since their Castle SAB League days and he captained the team from Limpopo. Strangely, Tsepho is now vice-captain with former AmaZulu defender Carlington Nyadombo now being the main leader at the club leaving the fans confused as to what Makgoga did to be stripped off captaincy. 

We caught up with the former captain to explain to us what is really happening at the club and why he is no longer the one wearing the arm band.

Banele Pikwa: Tsepho, how are you doing my man and how’s the new season?

Tsepho Makgoga: I’m doing great my leader and the season is good. I can say even though we are not where we want to be [on the log standings], I believe we will get there [at the top]. 

BP: Last season, you made it all the way to the promotional play-offs but failed to impress. Is that the reason for the slow start?

TM: Last season is last season, we obviously wanted promotion but it didn’t happen and we were disappointed but that has had no effect on the performances of this season. Yes, it was really tough for the boys knowing they have to come back and start afresh, but it’s okay, we know what to do.

BP: You had a very good run going into the promotional play-offs but you ended up winning one game. What went wrong there?

TM: Well, I can’t really point out anything and say this is what went wrong but we lost to a better team and we need to pick ourselves up and improve on our mistakes. 

BP: You are one of the longest serving members of the club, how long have you been at Tshakuma? 

TM: I’ve been with Tshakuma since we were playing at lower division, I joined them when they were still at the Castle SAB League. So, from there we went to ABC Motsepe League and then now to the GladAfrica Championship. So, I’ve been here for five to four seasons, I’m not really sure.

BP: You are one of the longest serving members and you captained the side in the previous seasons but it’s not the case in this campaign. Were you stripped off of being captain?

TM: No! No! Look, Nyadombo has been there [played professional] for a very long time so I decided to give him the armband so he can lead the team and I’ll just learn from him because he is more experienced than me. In order for us to achieve things like being promoted to the PSL we need experienced leaders so that is why I took the decision. It was my decision to give him the armband, I wasn’t stripped.

BP: That’s very interesting and selfless from you, Tsepho. Is it something you first discussed with your agent or you made the decision on your own?

TM: It was my decision, I do not have an agent.

BP: You don’t have an agent? How is it possible for someone to play professional football yet they don’t have an agent?

TM: I’ve never had an agent my brother. I can say I’m lucky to make it this far on my own and maybe that’s why I push so hard. 

BP: So who negotiates your contractual deals?

TM: I negotiate them myself and if a team wants me they will have to speak to TTM and the club will inform me if they agree on the deal.

BP: Interesting…

TM: But having an agent is good because it helps you [the player] focus only on playing football and they [the agents] do all the negotiations. So, having an agent can help a player a lot. They don’t only take care of contracts but they do help with other stuff off the field as well. I’m just not that lucky to have one I guess haha (laughs).

BP: Is there any PSL team that you’re currently in talks with you or that has shown interest?

TM: Eyi, haha (laughs), your questions are not easy to answer. But the team has never told me about any offers so I guess it means there hasn’t been any interest.

BP: Which team would you like to join in the PSL?

TMI can’t say I’d like to join this team or that team. I just want to play in the PSL one day and it doesn’t matter which team it is. If we get promoted with TTM it would be a great story for me because I joined the team when we were still at amateur level. But I grew up supporting Kaizer Chiefs.

BP: Speaking of Chiefs, they have an important top of the table clash with Mamelodi Sundowns. Who do you think will win this one?

TM: Yoh! This is a very tough game and it’s hard to predict. I think Kaizer Chiefs can win this game because they are on the right track this season. The team is playing very well and the fighting spirit they have shown proves that they are united so I do see them winning this game.

BP: Teams from Limpopo are increasing in professional football and they are becoming more competitive. What is the secret behind their success?

TM: To be honest, I can’t really give you an answer because I’ve only played for one team. But maybe if I can predict I’d say the passion in this province makes teams to be more organised and disciplined. If the team is well organised and running well they are able to compete. 

BP: The league finally got a sponsor this season, how was it like to the players when you received the news?

TM: My leader, we were very happy and what made us happier was the fact that games will now be televised. That is good motivation for the players and the league will be much more competitive we were very excited and thanks to GladAfrica for sponsoring our league. It’s a big thing because not everyone will make it to the PSL some will end their careers in this league so it’s important to get exposure. 

BP: Tsepho thank you so much for your time, my brother.

TM:  No problem, my leader, hopefully next time we chat I’ll be in the PSL haha (laughs).

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