Soccer Betting News - SA's Leading Soccer Betting Newspaper: Celtic CEO Konco hits back at Steve Komphela claims

Celtic CEO Konco hits back at Steve Komphela claims

Celtic CEO Konco hits back at Steve Komphela claims

Bloemfontein Celtic CEO Khumbulani Konco has dismissed some of the claims made by Steve Komphela in an explosive resignation letter released to the public.

In his letter, Komphela highlighted a multitude of issues he had to contend with while at the Siwelele helm, including having to fork out his own money to buy petrol for the groundskeepers' lawnmower.

He also pointed to a number of instances where the club's financial struggles had a negative impact on his match-day preparations.

However, Konco has labelled some of Komphela's claims as "misleading", even going so far as to suggest the coach was using the aforementioned issues as "an excuse to leave the club".

"As a club we have not made a secret of our challenges but some of the things in the letter paint the wrong picture," Konco told the Sowetan.

"The fact of the matter is that Steve received an offer from another club and took the job, there was no need for a letter.

"We have had many coaches come and go and there was no need to write a letter of resignation because we all know the challenges we face here, it is no secret."

When asked about Komphela's claim relating to the purchase of petrol, Konco added: "There is no such. What is being referred to happened once.

"If we take out the emotion from the letter then we can see that it is just an excuse to leave the club.

"The guys who do our garden were just waiting for one of the guys to bring money for petrol for the mower and Steve intervened. That money was later refunded to the coach."