Soccer Betting News - SA's Leading Soccer Betting Newspaper: Eymael has not signed a contract with new Egyptian side

Eymael has not signed a contract with new Egyptian side

Former Free State Stars coach Luc Eymael has revealed he has not signed a contract with Egyptian top flight side El Geish despite overseeing the 1-1 draw with Al Ittihad on Sunday.

Eymael left Stars in early November after a run of uncertain form and soon found a new home in Egypt with the Army's Vanguards.

However, overall, he was arguably a big success with Ea Lla Koto as he won the Nedbank Cup and finished in the top eight in 2017/18.

Nonetheless, the Belgium says he is yet to pen a deal despite being in charge last weekend.

Speaking to Kickoff, he said: "I have not yet signed a contract. It's crazy, but it's a true (laughs). I have not yet signed a contract can you imagine?

"I have received my bonus of Sunday's game (sic) but I have not yet signed my contract because the big boss of the team is...what I have heard, [he is] the third biggest general of the country with the army, and he is not yet at the club. He had things to do with the president of Egypt and all these things.

"But ja, it's unbelievable, but it's like that to be able to coach without signing a contract. But what can I do, it's like that. I told them ja, now I need to be sure to sign in the next two days, and there are other teams interested. I'm not talking especially in Egypt but I'm talking in other countries because in Egypt they are afraid because (laughs) it's the club of the army, so no other team now in Egypt can make a move and sign me.

"But no, it's not the problem of the club, it's not a problem of that I'm not happy with these things. The problem is like as a professional coach you need to be sure by a contract that you are in the club you know. Okay you can give training, they can give you money, but if you don't have a contract. Me I don't work like that, it's the first time in my life this happens."