Soccer Betting News - SA's Leading Soccer Betting Newspaper: Mexico coach slams Neymar

Mexico coach slams Neymar

Mexico coach slams Neymar

Mexico head coach Juan Carlos Osorio was left unimpressed by Neymar's 'acting' throughout his side's 2-0 last 16 loss to Brazil on Monday.

The Paris Saint-Germain attacker was on target at the Samara Arena in the 51st minute as he slotted home after some good work from Willian.

Late substitute Roberto Firmino sealed the result when he netted with two minutes of the match remaining.

Throughout the tie, while it was clear that Neymar was singled out for some special attention by the Mexican's, the player did himself no favours by overreacting when tackled.

One incident also saw him being stood on by Miguel Layun as he lay on the floor, but the reaction was by no means in commensurate with the actual stamp.

After the game, a disappointed Osorio said: "It is a shame for football, we wasted a lot of time because of one player.

"This is a game of men that is played with intensity and not with so much clowning."

He added: "It is a shame for all the people watching, all the children watching. There shouldn't be acting. I think this had an impact on our pace and style.

"The game totally favoured Brazil. Too many interventions from the referee."

The Brazilian, meanwhile, did his best to plead his case on TV Globo: "They stepped on me, that wasn't fair. You can't do that They talked a lot but now they're going home.

"I don't care much for criticism, or praise, because this can influence your attitude. I think it's more an attempt to undermine me than anything else."