Soccer Betting News - SA's Leading Soccer Betting Newspaper: Hands off the play-offs, it’s the system utilised that we should be protesting against

Hands off the play-offs, it’s the system utilised that we should be protesting against

Jomo Sono and Roger De Sa

Before we dive straight in and attack the PSL for the play-off regime used to decide who joins the NFD champions in the top flight, perhaps we should look at it in a different perspective.

Most leagues in world football utilise the play-offs to almost give the fans that extra bit of buzz after the close of the season. And yes, play-offs are not meant for entertainment, but in a league often labelled as “boring”, surely we can learn to accept the process of how teams go up and down the ladder.

My only concern is that the team dropping down from the Absa Premiership should take no part in any play-off matches whatsoever. By no means should the play-offs be a second bite at the cherry. It should involve the second, third and fourth team from the NFD, ONLY.

Unless an exception is made for the fifth team in the NFD, whereby a four-way tournament is conducted, like in England, or at least to go back to the way things were back in the good old days when the play-off system was first introduced.

That way, there wouldn’t be a dispute between Ajax Cape Town and Platinum Stars as to who goes down. In all fairness, it should have been both clubs to play in the First Division, and it’s not the first time court cases are holding back the play-offs.

That would also result in less on-going court cases during the season, and perhaps AmaZulu would have deservedly kept their place in the top eight.

Even further, Usuthu could have been given a chance to play in the PSL the right way, after finishing fifth in the 2016/17 season. That would then forbid the Durban-based club from buying a franchise in the Absa Premiership, killing two birds with one stone.

As things stand, Dikwena are bottom of the standings, without even scoring a goal. That’s simply not good enough for top flight status. Nevertheless, Platinum Stars are destined for the drop. My main issue is that they shouldn’t have gotten the second chance in the first place.

Written by Jesse Nagel