Soccer Betting News - SA's Leading Soccer Betting Newspaper: Fan Talk with Ayanda Mbombo

Fan Talk with Ayanda Mbombo

Fan Talk with Ayanda Mbombo

One of our regular readers, Ayanda Mbombo, from Kwa Dabeka in Clermont, took his time to chat with Soccer Betting News’ Banele Pikwa about all things SBN.

Hi Ayanda, thank you for taking the time to chat with us. How long have you been following SBN?

Thank you so much for contacting me, it’s the first time I’ve been called by a publication. I’ve been following SBN since 2016. Just after I was introduced to SBN, I had a good winning streak, I then believed SBN brought me luck, it’s like I won’t win when I don’t have SBN.

Interesting, what other superstitions do you have?

I’m very superstitious, even the betting clerks know me. I place my bets with one particular clerk and I believe she brings me luck because most of my winning bets have her name on it. If I play from others and the bet loses, I feel like I wouldn’t have lost if I played it with that specific clerk. It’s crazy.

So what made someone like Ayanda want to buy SBN?

To get information about teams, just to have an idea on what their form looks like. The teams we bet for are not shown on TV, I mean, only three leagues are televised in SA, so since we don’t get to watch most games, I use SBN as guidance.

Where do you buy SBN?

I usually buy it in Pinetown outside Boxer store [Durban], there are venders who sell newspapers there. 

You said you buy SBN to get information, do you ever look at other things in the paper, for example: Game Time?

I do look at them after I’ve placed my bets, I’m a big fan of crossword puzzle. As for the trivia, I usually get it wrong, but what I like about it is the fact that it ends up giving us extra information and making us aware of things we didn’t know. If I remember correctly, there was a question about which stadium is the smallest in England, I didn’t know that but now I do and such things broaden our knowledge as soccer fans.

The season is over in most leagues, so as a punter, what’s keeping you busy?

I’m waiting for the World Cup, so at least this year there is something that will keep us busy during the off-season and I can’t wait to see your (SBN team) previews on the World Cup. 

While you wait for our previews, do you mind giving our readers an outright winner?

Weirdly, there is no group of death this year so most of the big guns will progress and the knockout stages will be even more interesting.

It will be interesting indeed, but who’s your money on?

It’s a tough one but my money is on France, on paper they have a very good squad, plus they did well in the Euro 2016.

Which team do you support? 

I support Chelsea and Kaizer Chiefs. 

Lovely, so whose your favourite player?

My favourite player has to be Eden Hazard and I hope he doesn’t leave my team.

Lastly, do you follow any of our back-page tipsters?

Yeah, I follow all of them, but I like Vuvu the most.

Thanks a lot for your time Ayanda, we wish you many luck with those bets, and remember, stick with the winning clerk.

Haha, I definitely will. Thank you.