Soccer Betting News - SA's Leading Soccer Betting Newspaper: Fan Talk with Ayanda ‘Ayoh’ Hlongwana

Fan Talk with Ayanda ‘Ayoh’ Hlongwana

One of our regular readers, Ayanda Hlongwana, from Newlands in Durban, took her time to chat with Soccer Betting News’ Banele Pikwa about all things SBN.

Hi Ayoh, thank you for taking the time to chat with us. Congrats! You are our first female fan of the week.

Thank you, it’s really an honour chatting with you. 

Females are getting more and more involved in sports nowadays, but it’s still unusual to see a lady involved in the soccer betting industry.

Well, I know a lot of females who are into sports betting, it’s just that most of us take our bets online. We don’t go to the branches a lot that’s why people think betting is only for males.

Interesting, tell me more…

Well I grew up playing soccer with my brothers, even at school, I was the soccer captain. I then attended college at Oval International on Joe Slovo Street [formerly known as Field Street in Durban CBD]. That street is packed with betting outlets, there are about four or five. So the guys would go take their bets and talk about it, until I asked them to teach me. 

What was it like winning your first bet?

The feeling that comes after you’ve won a bet is priceless and it doesn’t matter how much you’ve won, it’s just a great feeling to win. I feel like a champion going to the payout queue the next day. I remember during my second year (2015), I won R2100 – that’s where I started taking this thing seriously and did more research, including buying SBN.

Where do you buy the paper and what do you like most about SBN?

I like the leagues and form of the teams. I also like looking at the tipsters just to get an idea on which teams to select because sometimes knowing too much can confuse you and work against you. I buy the paper in different places, it depends where I am at the time. Unlike before, it’s much easier to get SBN now because a lot of places now sell the paper.

Who’s your favourite backpage tipster?

The Special One

Do you have a favourite footballer?

Well, it was Cristiano Ronaldo but now I’m enjoying more of Mohamed Salah.  

And those stars face each other in the UEFA Champions League final on Saturday. Who’s your money on?

I think it will be an open game, both teams play at a high intensity so I’m expecting goals. I’d take Real Madrid to win and both teams to score because of the quality, but it will be very close.

Thanks a lot for your time, Ayoh, it was great chatting to you.

It’s such a pleasure. Thanks.

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