Soccer Betting News - SA's Leading Soccer Betting Newspaper: Egyptian sues Ramos for 1 billion euro

Egyptian sues Ramos for 1 billion euro

Sergio Ramos's tackle on Mohamed Salah

An Egyptian lawyer has filed a case against Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos after Mohamed Salah’s untimely injury during the Champions League final.

The Liverpool superstar appeared to be dragged down by Ramos in the early stages of Saturday's epic encounter in Kiev.

Salah was forced to leave the field with a shoulder injury and for a few days his World Cup future was in jeopardy, but he has since revealed that he will likely be fit for national duty at the Russian showpiece.

However, Egyptian lawyer Bassem Wahba believes Ramos’ foul and Salah’s subsequent injury inflicted great “physical and psychological harm” on all of Egypt and wants Ramos - ever the villain - to pay up. 

Ramos intentionally injured Mo Salah and should be punished about his actions," Wahba told Egyptian television channel Sada El-Balad. 

"I’ve filed a lawsuit and a complaint to Fifa. I’ll ask for compensation, which could exceed €1bn, for the physical and psychological harm that Ramos gave Salah and the Egyptian people.”

Wahba added that the money would go to the states Long Live Egypt Fund.

Similarly, there is a petition on asking UEFA and FIFA to take action, which has nearly 500 000 signatories at the time of writing.