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Why Kaizer Chiefs are South Africa’s Arsenal

We take a look at Kaizer Chiefs & Arsenal and whether the two clubs are experiencing the same problem.
We take a look at Kaizer Chiefs & Arsenal and whether the clubs are experiencing the same problem.
In terms of football comparisons, it doesn’t get much closer than Kaizer Chiefs and Arsenal. Two clubs with great history, great players, great fans… but terrible owners. 

“Terrible” may be a harsh word, but when you think of where these teams have come from, to where they are now, you can only blame the owners. 

Both clubs are going through a purple patch at the moment, with Chiefs undefeated in four league matches, while the Gunners are unbeaten in five games across all competitions. 

Still, the fact that they haven’t reached the expectations of the fans in recent years will always be a concern.

I make the comparison of the two clubs, who are both giants in their respective countries, because there are so many similarities. From being known for winning Twitter polls to fans calling for the manager to be sacked. 

For me, the managers can only take so much blame, it all comes down to the board. As a fan, you can love Kaizer Chiefs, but you don’t have to love the Motaung family, likewise with Arsenal, you can love the club, but you don’t have to love Stan Kroenke. 

The biggest problem is that the clubs do not listen to the fans anymore. Of course it is a bit ugly to see supporters publicly voice their opinions and hold up signs in the stadiums, but the club should ask WHY are they saying that and look further into it! 

Back in 1983, Arsenal fans had a problem with Terry Neill when he was manager, and they called a meeting with the club, and within two weeks, he was sacked. 

That doesn’t happen anymore, because fans and owners are not on the same page. They are not on the same wavelength and they cannot relate to one another. 

If fans have a problem now, nobody listens to them. Sadly, they are treated as customers rather than supporters. 

There’s been calls to boycott certain competitions and not go to matches, but how do you do that if you love the club with all your life, heart and soul? 

Both Kaizer Chiefs and Arsenal make loads of profit, year in, year out. Yet they cannot compete with the free-spending clubs in their countries. There needs to be more ambition shown from both clubs’ owners. 

As a supporter myself, it’s painful to witness my club being bossed in the league, especially by teams who were strugglers themselves when I was growing up. 

I hope with all my heart that the fans’ voices are heard by the board of both clubs, because we, as fans, can only take so much.