Soccer Betting News - SA's Leading Soccer Betting Newspaper: Hollywoodbets' First El Clasico Winner: Josea Mphuthi

Hollywoodbets' First El Clasico Winner: Josea Mphuthi

Meet the 1st winner of Hollywoodbets' 2017/18 El Clasico promotion, Josea Mphuthi from Mpumalanga
Meet the 1st winner of Hollywoodbets' 2017/18 El Clasico promotion, Josea Mphuthi from Mpumalanga
Josea Mphuthi, a 49-year-old Department of Health employee, husband and father of four from Nkangala District in Mpumalanga, was already feeling lucky when he received the call telling him he will be traveling to Spain in December. Mphuthi was announced as the first winner of Hollywoodbets' El Clasico competition which will see the company send six customers to watch one of the world's most famous soccer derbies at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium!

Mphuthi had been feeling that he would have a lucky week because of a message he received at church earlier in the week. He was thrilled that the news came on the 22nd of September because each month he feels that this date is his lucky day, as his birthday falls on the 22nd of December. Even though he expected to get good news he was still surprised to hear that he will be going on an all-expenses-paid trip to Madrid.

“On Friday, I was feeling so lucky all day and I couldn't understand why. I expected something big to happen but it was still a huge surprise when I got the call from Hollywoodbets. I'm very excited to go to a different country. I will be seeing a different world and different people to what we are used to in South Africa. This will be the first time I fly and the first time I travel overseas, I can't wait!” said Mphuthi.

The winner has been betting with Hollywoodbets since early last year and has won big with the company before. “I started playing on my phone very often because I enjoy betting on soccer. The most I've won with Hollywoodbets in the past is R152 000 so I can say Hollywoodbets is currently bringing me a lot of happiness. I'm very blessed,” he said.

Wayde Dorkin, Soccer Brand Manager for Hollywoodbets is looking forward to giving customers this once-in-a-lifetime experience. “We got such great feedback from our previous El Clasico winners, so we decided to give more people the chance to see these legendary teams and players live in the flesh. As a soccer fan you probably couldn't ask for a better match because this derby features the world's top players, and we know our winners will make memories to last them a lifetime. At Hollywoodbets we believe in helping our customers create extraordinary moments like these,” said Dorkin.

Mphuthi is a fan of both teams but Barcelona is his favourite so he will be supporting them during the match on Saturday 23 December 2017.

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