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Fantasy Premier League - Register & Join SBN League

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Learn how to register for the English Premier FANTASY League, and how to join the Soccer Betting News (SBN) league so you can take part in our competition. Follow the steps below. The Premier League code is 41660-289095.

Step - By - Step
How to register an account, and how to join the SBN competition league

1. Visit the website: You will see the below page. (If you already have an account from previous years, you can skip this and go to step 10).

Login Page - Fantasy Premier League

2. You can use one of your social media accounts below to login, or click the green Sign Up Now button.

Select Social Media account or Sign Up - Fantasy Premier League

3. In this example, we have chosen to use our Facebook details. Click the blue "Continue as (your name) button"

Facebook Login - Fantasy Premier League

4. If you have registered before, click the purple "Connect Exisiting account". Otherwise click the blue "Register new account".

Connect Existing Account or Register New

5. In this situation we have clicked "Register new account". Fill in your personal details.

Register and enter details

6. Select your favourite English Premier League football club.

Select Favorite EPL Team - Fantasy Premier League

7.  Choose if you wish to receive communication from your favorite club.

Receive Club Communication - Fantasy Premier League

8. Scroll to the bottom of the screen, and tick the box that you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions. Then click Complete Registration.

Agree to Terms and Conditions - Fantasy Premier League

9. You will then be taken to the main menu screen as it loads.

Main Menu Loading Screen - Fantasy Premier League

10. Your main screen will look like the below. Please click "Squad Selection" which is next to the Home button.

Main Menu - Fantasy Premier League

11. Before you can join a league, you need to pick a squad. You can auto pick a team, or you can pick a side yourself. Submit your team, and you will see the below screen.

Select Squad - Fantasy Premier League

12. Scroll down the page further and you will see Global Leagues, and then a button that says "Create and join leagues". Click this button.

Global Leagues - Join League - Fantasy Premier League

13. You will be taken to the Join or create leagues page. Click on the button that says "Join a league".

Join or Create League - Fantasy Premier League

14. You now need to choose the type of league you want to join. Click "Join PRIVATE league".

Join Private league - Fantasy Premier League

15. Enter the Private league code. For the SBN league, please enter 41660-289095. Then click Join league.

Enter SBN League Code - 41660-289095 - Fantasy Premier League

16. You have now joined the Soccer Betting News (SBN) fantasy league! You will see the other competitors. This page will update throughout the season with the standings for the SBN league, and your position.

SBN League Competitiors and Details - Fantasy Premier League

17. Your registration and joining the SBN league is complete. At the top of the page you can go back to the main menu, view your selected team, or make changes to your squad.

Fantasy Premier League Main Menu

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