Thamsanqa Teyise - Fact File

The Truth Behind Teyise’s Transfer To SuperSport

Thamsanqa Teyise appears in the colours of SuperSport United after parting ways with AmaZulu at the end of last season. Romma as he is known, talks about leaving Usuthu and what he plans to achieve this season.

Personal Information
Full Names:  Thamsanqa Teyise
Date of Birth: 12 August 1986
Place of Birth: Alexandria, Eastern Cape
Nickname: Romma
Position: Defender
Club: SuperSport United
Previous clubs: Manchester United (South Africa), SAPS Callies, Gamalakhe United, AmaZulu
Honours: 2011/12 Most Improved Player, 2012/13 Player of the Season (AmaZulu)

Hola Romma, how difficult was it to leave Amazulu after three and a half seasons spent at the club?
It was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made because I started my professional career with AmaZulu and made a name for myself at the club. The club was like a home to me. It was so difficult that before I made a decision, I went home and spoke to my father about it. I consulted with people close to me and I reached a decision that I needed to grow as a player. Opportunities like the one I have at SuperSport need to be taken because one might regret not doing so in the future. It was a difficult decision that I had to make because it has always been my dream to mature as a player. It’s not like I wasn’t maturing at AmaZulu, but we never know where our paths will lead us in the future.

What kind of growth do you see happening to you as a player by joining SuperSport?
My dream is that at the end of my career, when I look back, I would like to be able to point out and say “There are the stages that I went through to be where I am. There is the work I was doing”. Players dream about going overseas and that’s my wish as well and that’s possible because football is advancing.

Would it be correct for us to assume that your move was motivated by the good offer you received from SuperSport?
Ja, It was something like that. It’s not like there were problems or anything like that but it was all about growing and AmaZulu came with a phenomenal offer.

How would you sum up your time with Usuthu since your arrival at the club under Manqoba Mngqithi in 2011?
No one knew about Thamsanqa Teyise when I started, my aim was to make my name known. I learnt a lot in the seasons that I have been with the club. All because of hard work, perseverance, a desire to learn and knowing how to work with others, it wasn’t difficult at all for me. That’s why I mentioned before that AmaZulu was like a home to me. They welcomed me warmly from day one I arrived at the club. I worked for them because they helped me grow as a player. I gave 100% in every game as a way of thanking them.

You were one of the standout players for AmaZulu with 27 league starts last season. It’s a little strange that the club didn’t retain you?
In all honesty, they wanted me to stay but I had already made my mind up that I wanted to go elsewhere. I was at that time reaching an agreement with SuperSport. It’s not like Usuthu didn’t want me to stay, because they really wanted me to stay. As a player, you have to also look at your age when making decisions. When age is not on your side, you must be wise.

So what advice can you give to other players regarding saving money?
It’s a problem for most soccer players. There is a lot of money in football, especially when you are winning. The reality is when you have a lot of money in your account, without responsibilities, you don’t think before you spend.

Thami, good luck for your remainder first season at SuperSport.
Thanks bro