Cole Alexander - Fact File

Alexander Keeping A Positive Mindset After Heartbreak At Ajax

Personal Information
Full names: Cole Alexander
Date of birth: 9 July 1989
Place of birth: Mitchel`s Plane, Cape Town
Position: Midfielder
Jersey no: 17

Club: Polokwane City
Previous Club: Hellenic juniors, Ajax Cape Town juniors, Ajax Cape Town, Vasco Da Gama(on loan), Chippa Utd

Cole Alexander joined Ajax Cape Town in 2008 and he claimed his first gold medal with the club when they clinched the Telkom Knockout Cup in the same season. Cole tells us why he was heartbroken to be loaned out twice. He also explains why he decided to join his new club, Polokwane City.

Cole, how are you finding things at the club?
I`m okay now, I`m settled and the guys are very kind. It`s been so good so far for me in Polokwane.
City was nearly relegated last season and obviously they would like to finish in a better position this season. I`m not under any pressure because I came here with a positive mindset to help and give the club what it deserves. No matter what they ask of me, I will give my best for Polokwane City.

You were loaned out twice at Ajax. First to Vasco Da Gama then to Chippa Utd. However, last season you started a number of games.
You know, under Muhsin Ertugral I started many games, but when a new coach came in, I was not part of his plans. It`s football, my brother, and I have feelings. If I look at my situation, I saw the same thing happening and I decided to find a new football home. I thought I had to find somewhere new and try my luck elsewhere.

What was the highlight of your career at the Urban Warriors?
There`s so much. Although I didn`t win many trophies with the club, I managed to get a gold medal for the Telkom Knockout Cup. That remains the highlight of my career as well as scoring my first goal in the PSL for the best moments in my life as a player.

What about the lowlights?
To be honest, the club loaned me out to Vasco and I welcomed that because I was perhaps young and needed game-time. I came back and then a sad moment occurred when I was loaned out again to Chippa United. That broke me as a player. I understood the first loan deal, but the second one made me feel unwanted. That was a lowlight, but other than that, I enjoyed myself at the club.

What did the second loan move away from Ajax mean to you?
I didn`t see it as something to help or develop my soccer. I thought they were not into me. I felt disliked. That`s what I thought.

Did you at any stage, lose self-confidence?
I never lost my confidence. I always tried to focus on the positive things in life and my game. I spent time reading the word of God to get inspiration. Such things made me strong and I decided to keep pushing and working hard.

How did the arrival of Roger De Sa change things at the club, considering he believes in working with the youth?
I wouldn`t say he changed a lot because looking at him and Muhsin Ertugral they are not that different. They give good training to the youth, but Muhsin is less patient. He can be harsh or loud when it comes to instructions. With De Sa, he`s more clam and also believes in the youngsters. I don`t think he changed much, but he`s on the players mind in terms of confidence and belief.

What was your relationship with De Sa like?
He is a nice guy to work with. Our relationship was not bad and every player felt comfortable with him. He’s a people`s person and we got along nicely with him. I felt at home at Ajax, even under coach Roger.

Thanks for your time 
Thank you.