Terrence Mandaza - Fact File

Maritzburg’s Mandaza Hoping To Get Back To His Best

Maritzburg United striker Terrence Mandaza believes his team will still be playing in the PSL next season despite their situation on the log. He also tells Sabie Chili about his hero, the legend, Peter Ndlovu and the goal he won't forget.

Personal Information
Full names: Terrence Mandaza
Place of birth: Mbare, Harare in Zimbabwe
Date of birth: 29 August 1984

Position: Striker
Jersey no: 9
Nickname: Terrygunz

Club: Maritzburg United
Previous Clubs: 
Sparrows FC
Dynamos (all Zimbabwe)
Township Rollers (both Botswana and Platinum Stars

Hi Mr Mandaza, how were you able to score so many goals during your last season at Township Rollers in Botswana? 
I played every match that season (2009/10), scoring 31 league goals plus nine in the cup for a total of 40. I was lucky that I was never injured or suspended, and when you play every week your confidence stays high.

When you got to Platinum Stars the goals started drying up.
I was unfortunate that the coach Steve Khomphela, who recommended me to the club, was no longer there when I arrived. I didn`t get to play much under Owen Da Gama despite the fact that I scored in my first game against AmaZulu.

Which goal was your most memorable?
The goal that I scored last season against Black Leopards. I connected the ball first time off a neat set-up by Cuthbert Malajila who was playing in front me.

What do you do when you come up against a defender who tries to intimidate you?
I always ignore anyone who tries to get me to lose focus. What I know about PSL defenders is that most of them mark you very tight so that you don`t get too comfortable.

Who do you rate as the best footballer to ever come out of Zimbabwe? 
For me it has to be Peter Ndlovu. He carried the hopes of the nation whenever the national team played. When I was called up to the national team in 2012 I was able to meet him in camp, as he was one of the assistant coaches. It was really amazing to realise how humble he is. The guys that played with him were very lucky.

Who`s been your funniest coach? 
Ernst Midderndorp, he`s been very funny for me because of the way he goes on, the way he chirps and the way he talks. He has this thing after the game when we have won. He comes to you and makes you feel like you did something wrong.

And tell us about the funny nicknames in the team.
Ja, there are a lot of nicknames. Peter Petersen is called ‘John Legend’ because of his hairstyle. They also call Ryan De Jong ‘Trevor Noah’.

How often do you visit the barbershop? 
I go every week. My barbershop is very close to where I stay and I am buddies with the guys who work there. I believe that having a Chiskop is the smartest and simplest way. I had dreadlocks but I decided to cut them off when I joined TASC FC in Botswana, which was an army team. Though I wasn`t forced to cut them, I thought I had to look the part.

Do you believe in the stars of the zodiac? 
I am a Virgo, and to be honest, even though I read those things a lot, and at times they make correct predictions, they can also be way off the mark. I am more interested in work and relationships.

With all your football travels, you must be multilingual by now.
I speak decent Setswana because I stayed in Botswana for some time. I was lucky that Platinum Stars are in Rusternburg, which is predominantly Setswana-speaking. Now at Maritzburg, I have had to get my Zulu up to scratch, and I am not doing too badly.

What are your feelings about the results of the elections last year back home?
It is God`s will and we just have to accept it that way. If I was at home during the elections I was also going to cast my vote, because I believe it is my right to do so.