Robert Ng’ambi - Fact File

Platinum Stars’ Midfield General

Platinum Stars midfielder Robert Ng’ambi is the league's early pacesetter for goals from midfield, and he's hoping his form takes his team to even greater heights. Sabie Chili had a chat with the player, talking about life on and off the pitch.

Personal Information
Full Name: Chizamusoka Robert Ng’ambi
Date Of Birth: 11 September 1986
Place of birth: Rumphi, Malawi
Nickname: Baggio

Position: Midfielder
Jersey no: 9

Current Club: Platinum Stars
Previous Clubs: 
Young Soccer Stars
Zingwangwa Pirates (both amateur)
MDC United
Bakili Bullets
Monomotapa United (Zimbabwe)
Black Leopards
Honours: MTN8 and Telkom Knockout champion 2013/14 season

Baggio, how updated are you with news from back home? 
I always read the newspapers from back home, The Nyasa Times and The Nation. I usually prefer the football pages because I am a big Bakili Bullets fan.

What kind of food do you love? 
I have Chambo (Malawian dried fish) every day and I like my Chambo with Nyemba (beans) and pap.

What is Allan Freese like as a coach, on and off the field? I think he is a very professional coach…he helps out a lot when you are on the field. If you have a problem, he will sit you down and explain how to solve it, so he has a very professional approach. Do you aspire to captain Dikwena? No, I don`t want to put myself under pressure by saying I want to captain the team in the future. All I can say is that I will remain a disciplined player, and if it happens then I will deal with that then.

Players at 22 or even 23 are often referred to as “youngsters” in South Africa. What age do you consider to still be young?
I think youngsters are players in development so as soon as you are brought into the first team, you have gone past being a youngster. How many 22-year-olds out there are already playing for their national teams in other countries? So we have a mindful of who we call youngsters.

Do you have a dream of playing overseas? 
Of course, and I will just keeping working hard.

Who is the fittest player at Dikwena? 
Vuyo Mere, no doubt about that. I doubt there is any player in the PSL who is as fit as Vuyo, have you seen the way he overlaps and tracks back during matches? I can safely say that Vuyo could play three games in one day and not complain a bit.

You are an influential player in a team full of youngsters.
The coach motivates me. In turn, when there is a new player in the team, I always encourage him to do his best at all times. I suppose the youngsters listen more to me because they have seen the progress I have made. They can all relate to the road that I have been down, more than they can relate to the senior guys who they have never even seen starting out in the PSL.

You stamp your authority on the field too, getting involved in almost everything when the team attacks.
The role I play is one the coach believes I can play, and he lets me go in there to express myself for the benefit of the team. When the team is down I take it upon myself to make a plan because I see they look up to me to make it happen.

If Dikwena could afford anyone to play with you in midfield, who would you choose? 
Definitely Barcelona and Spanish midfielder Xavi. I would flourish playing with him, because he makes football so simple. During a match he gets so many touches on the ball it is unbelievable.

Baggio, all the best my man.
Thanks man.