Brandon Petersen - Fact File

Many Ajax Cape Town fans must have been reminded of a young Moeneeb Josephs when they saw Brandon Petersen between the poles for the first time this season in a league game against golden arrows in Durban. The young goalkeeper has handled himself well since being handed the responsibility of guarding the net for the Urban Warriors and at only 19, a great future has been predicted for him. The young goalie had a chat with Sabie Chili to find out who he really is, what his future ambitions are and how he is finding life in top flight football.

Personal Information
Full Name: Brandon Petersen
Date Of Birth: 22 September 1994
Place of birth: Elsie`s River
Nickname: Beeza

Position: Goalkeeper
Jersey no: 1

Current Club: Ajax Cape Town
Previous Clubs: Central FC, Trinitarians FC (amateur), Ajax Cape Town Juniors
Honours: 2013 Metropolitan Premier Cup winner, 2013 Metropolitan Premier Cup goalkeeper of the Tournament (both Ajax juniors)

Hi Beeza, did you expect to be thrown into the deep end so quickly? To start with, I didn`t expect to be called up to the first team so quickly, but I was one of Coach Muhsin Ertugral`s first signings because, as you know, they had a goalkeeping crisis and stuff last season. Coach Muhsin is well known for playing youngsters, so he gave me the opportunity and I took it.

So, if the club had a goalkeeper crisis, why do you think they have taken the gamble of playing a 19 year-old keeper? Last season they signed me because the transfer window was closed and they could not sign experienced players. Most of the players were not free agents, so they had to wait for the transfer window to open. I think the coach thought maybe he would sign me as a back-up and work with me because they already had Sean Roberts (who is new at Chippa United. Maybe he thought he could play Sean in most of the games and play me in a few games to gain experience, and then sign another goalkeeper this season. As you know, the club has signed Anssi Jaakkola, who is an experienced goalkeeper, who has played for the Finnish national team, for me, it`s a challenge to play in the same team as players from overseas. They have played at the highest level and I can only learn from them.

Talking about learning, your goalkeeper coach is Sander Westerveld. Working with coach Westerveld has been great. As you know, he played for Liverpool and is very experienced. I`m learning a lot from him. He was my teammate last season, so we have a great relationship.

Take us through your emotions when you were told you were going to be in the starting line-up in your first ever PSL game. Before we left to play Golden Arrows, the coach told me that he was considering playing me in the game, but he was still thinking about it. The day before the game, he told me I was going to play. He asked me if I was ready and I said “yes, I’m ready”. Then he asked me to do a good job for the team.

But you sound like you were nervous. For me it was stressful and it was my first game, but I played with some experienced players like Dominic Isaacs and Thulani Hlatshwayo and they helped me to get through the game. They calmed me and said I must just keep focused, work hard and concentrate. That`s what I did and it went well.

You have come in and played ahead of some established goalkeepers at the club. How are they handling the competition? For them obviously it`s a sign that they have to work harder. But I don`t think it`s so much pressure on them because for them it`s just that they know that they have to work harder because there`s a younger goalkeeper that is also doing everything he can to be in the starting line-up, has played a few games and whose level of concentration is up now. So they just have to work harder.

Beeza, it`s been great talking to you. 
Thank you.