Keagan Dolly - Fact File

Ajax’s Keagan Dolly Exposes His Teammates

Amateur team Westbury Arsenal gave birth to a significant player called Steven Pienaar…and possibly could have discovered another star in Keagan Dolly. 

Personal Information
Full names: Keagan Larenzo Dolly
Date of birth: 22 January 1993
Place of birth: Westbury, Johannesburg

Nickname: Keagz
Position: Midfielder
Jersey no: 28

Club: Ajax Cape Town

Previous Clubs:
Westbury Arsenal
SAFA Transnet School of Excellence
Mamelodi Sundowns juniors
ALS Puk Tawana
M Tigers

Hey Keagz! Who is your roommate in the Urban Warriors camp? Usually it is Travis Graham. I`m always with him in camp. He is a very funny guy and I can relate to him because we have a lot in common. Everytime you see me, you will see Travis next to me. The other thing is that we have played a lot together, going overseas and stuff. The way he is and the way he speaks make him a funny person.

Go on and dish the dirt on your teammates. Okay, they call me all sorts of funny nicknames. Nhlanhla Shabalala calls me “Kati” as he says I look like a small kitten and I call him “Hippo” because he is heavily built. Thulani Hlatshwayo and Lebohang Manyama know their thing when it comes to dancing and me of course. The worst dancers in the team are Thato Mokeke and Lance Davids. The ladies man is Stefan van Neel, our third choice goalkeeper.

Tell us about the best and worst dressers in the team. For me the best dressers would be Thulani Hlatshwayo and Nhlanhla Shabalala. The worst would be Sean Roberts, he would pop into a training session wearing jeans and flops.

Who are the craziest characters in the team? It has to be Sean, Nhlanhla and Granwald Scott, as for Nhlanhla, he would just be his normal self and go crazy and just enjoy himself at training. When it comes to the game he’s serious, but when he is around us he will always make jokes and make fun of people or talk about things that happened before we even came to the team and make us laugh. He will tell us stories about the players that were here and what they used to get up to. Scott would dance in the dressing room, play drums on our desk and just sing, you know. He is a brilliant character especially for team spirit.

If you had to invite three teammates to dinner, who would you invite and what would you cook for each of them? It would be Thulani Hlatshwayo, Travis Graham, and Nhlanhla Shabalala. I’d just have a braai and chill because they like eating meat. And they eat a lot, so I’d have to cook a lot for them, especially Travis.

What`s been your most embarrassing moment? It has to be when my former coach Jan Versleijen asked me if I have an agent. I said “yes coach”, he asked, what his name? Sony, Sony playstation? He said I play a lot of playstation and the whole team laughed at me.

Let`s talk about coaches, who’s been your funniest? For me, it was Ian Gorowa because of the way he speaks. I was with him at Mamelodi Sundowns, so we’d always have fun when he was around. He also came to Ajax to assist Versleijen. Coach Muhsin Ertugral has his days when he is funny and then when it comes to being serious he will really be serious. At times the younger guys can be scared of him. There was this one day at training when there were two different teams. So the coach screamed at the yellow team. Travis was with me in the orange team and he started running to the yellow team because the coach was shouting and I had to call him back.

When last did you have a bad dream? Just before I got back to Johannesburg before the season ended. I had a weird dream. I started seeing stuff. I thought I was awake but I was dreaming, and then I just woke up sweating.

Thanks for your time Keagz.
My pleasure.