Neville v Carragher Now On TV

Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher are old adversaries, warriors, rivals, and that simply doesn’t stop when they retire from playing. 

If Monday nights televised exchange is anything to go by, former Manchester United full-back Neville and ex-Liverpool centre-half Carragher are as at each other’s throats as ever.

The pair kicked off on Sky Sports after Swansea’s 2-2 draw with Carra’s old team the Reds in the Premier League.

Carragher, 35, retired at the end of last season and appears to have made a smooth transition into TV, with him being pitted alongside the always terrier-like Neville a stroke of genius.

Carragher decided to go after his old foe, claiming ‘no one wants to be a full-back as a kid’ as he discussed the relative merits of the Swans and Liverpool’s players.

He went on: “If you’re a full-back, you’re either a failed winger or a failed centre-back,” to which presenter Ed Chamberlin asks Neville: “Which are you?” 

Credit to Neville, who replies: “Just failed!”

But that was not it for Neville, who then had to undergo more punishment from Carra.

The subject this time Neville’s great pal, and former United team-mate Paul Scholes; with Carragher claiming Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard are better footballers than Scholes, having done it on the big occasions.

A clearly irked Neville responded by saying Scholes was the best player I’ve ever played with but Carra was not done, with him adding: “If he was so good, why was he played on the left for England?”